Virtualbox to run VIsual Studio 2013 in MAC OS X


In my current project as I need to local environment to run the project. I’ve both MAC and Windows machine but switching back and forth is waste of time and I lose motivation and speed of work. Going through some hard time, I’ve decided lets resolve this situation and optimize the mac machine for visual studio 2013 and So, I go through some research and did the local environment setup very quickly and get the job done.


  1. VirtualBox for Mac
  2. Windows 7 Professional 32 Bit
  3. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (No Link attached
  4. Visual Studio 2013 (No Link attached)
  5. My Project Source Code
  6. SQL QA Database Backup

Now, I’ve installed the Virtualbox and setup Windows 7. Few things, I wish to note and share

  1. At first, I took 25GB space for basic installation of SQL Server 2008 and Visual Studio 2013. Reached upto 22GB (Fixed)
  2. Then, I’ve shutdown the Windows 7 in Virtualbox
  3. I need E: Local DIsk to install the project
  4. From your Installed OS (Virtual box left side) list, click to settings -> Storage -> Add storage -> Continue within extra 10GB Space.
  5. Now, Once created. You have to recheck while within the Windows 7 System. Menu to Devices -> Insert Guest Additional CD Images — click to Install 2 things
  1. It will find your recently created E Drive. From Windows 7 Partition -> Give the format and make the drive or allocate the drive as E:/ and Active the partition.
  2. Now share between files and folder (Mac and Windows) — create the bridge by following menu to Devices -> Insert Guest Additional CD Images (Wait for reboot and let it happen)


In Action:


  1. MAC Host to Guest (Windows 7), SSH Tunneling approach –


  1. I’ve noticed some CPU 100% Consumtion issue while memory leaks. Some of the suggestions applied. Still in observation, will try to update eventually


  1. It’s hard but I try to install most of the genuine software as much as possible. it’s hard to manage things but not impossible.