WorkFlowy – Simple, Slick way to organize task

Workflowy – a simple, slick and powerful chrome browser add-ons which makes taking or listing task, sub-task, notes into a single piece of papers. Works smoothly and easy to use and share your task with just few clicks.

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 9.47.33 PM

Another things, at first – you will have very nice, well organized tags along video – to learn how to use the product. You can explore by yourself or you can go through tutorials to get some ideas about “how to use” and easy tutorials are small as 25 to 35 sec and get things done :). Try out.

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Linkedin Research: What I found

I live in Bangladesh, went for a while in UK last year. While I was in UK, I found something interesting in LinkedIn. It has started to offering me free premium account, more contacts from UK.


Research’s objective:

  1. Do they provide regional offers to users?
  2. New development, UI enhancement comes to which region first?
  3. Track the potential customers?

I found:

  1. I found yes they offer regional basis offer. I’m using linkedin 2007, I never found single offer to try premium account for free. But, they tracked my IPs, locations and keep started pushed their premium account for free. They asked my billing information.Your Profile - LinkedIn
  2. Yes, I believe the initially phase release doesn’t impact instantly all the users – it comes gradually from USA, Australia, Canada and other developed country – those are economically sound country and then land to Asia.
  3. Smart enough, when they found your region – they found more or less information about the financial status of yours. A lot portion of potential customers already out – so keep offering premium account for a try, if convinced – they will be regular customers and if they forgot, automatic billing system start charging from your card. That was annoying which has discovered in a discussion.

    Purchase- Billing Information - LinkedIn

Amazon brought slight changes into User Interaction

Normally, if you select any items for the wishlist, it redirect users to new pages – the full of the wishlist loads and shows that “new item listed successfully”. They have changed that UI amazon


Now, they showed me with green color, that my item has added succesfully and showing the recent browed items. As well, “move to another list” brought simple drop-down with mouse over. Easy to shift, less hassle I guess. Nice UI enhancement.


Last try to hold the customer

This is interesting way to hold your customer, when they are leaving. In web, it happens all the time. But, I found something interesting did while I unsubscribed them not to get any more mail from them. I’m regular user, more then 3-4 yrs I’m checking or getting all the mails and go thoroughly about the ebooks about online marketing.

HubSpot Email Services

That sad face gave me a last messages, how badly they are going to miss me. They wanted to express their gratitude about their customers which is interesting way to welcome you for the LAST TIME. Maybe if the disclose the statistics, a lot customer might have returned from un-subscripton.

Evernote's premium pricing

I was looking for the premium pricing of evernote. If you take montly packages, you have to pay 4.99 and yearly 44.99. I thought WOW almost same pricing for the long term. That was very nice sales point or pricing into such states. Then I have calculated the discount is about 2.2%, which aounds fair to me. The pricing digits suddenly looks same to me but it truly attention of customers to the pricing.